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A portion of every sale is donated annually to Count The Kicks.

Count the Kicks is a nonprofit founded by five Iowa moms who each experienced a stillbirth or infant death in the early 2000s. Those women came together in their grief to form Count The Kicks, a health campaign that worked to reduce the stillbirth rates by teaching moms to pay attention to fetal movements during pregnancy. In the first 10 years of Count the Kicks in Iowa, the state saw a 32% reduction in their stillbirth rates while the rest of the country remained relatively stagnant. Within that, the African American stillbirth rate fell by a promising 39% in just five years. 

My son was a baby save in 2016 and without paying attention to his fetal movements, he wouldn't be alive today. I stopped feeling movement so after my work day I went to the hospital to get checked out. Before I even saw a doctor, before my husband could get to the hospital, they had to cut me open to deliver my son. I was told to prepare myself for the worst (as if that's possible.) He was delivered with the cord wrapped 4 times. Fortunately, our outcome was a miracle. 

You can feel good knowing that with every purchase, we are intentionally giving back to Count The Kicks.